An interactive object for people who want to share their feelings and express their emotions through lights

Project: Bloomie
Interaction Design, Physical Computing
Details: By simply pushing the buttons or shaking one’s own Bloomie, users can send light signals to another Bloomie. Language is just one of the many ways of conveying one’s emotions. By giving another more intuitive option of interaction, Bloomie deepens and strengthens interpersonal relationships. People often do not really want to describe how they feel, especially when they are feeling extremely frustrated or joyful. In those cases, Bloomie can be the perfect way to convey one’s emotions.

Check out this project on Instructables! Bloomie was featured on Instructable in December 2018.




Bloomie can create three kinds of interactions. First, shaking the Bloomie (and thereby activating the vibrating sensor) creates red/fast-blinking lights. Secondly, pressing the upper button creates slow-blinking blue/white/green lights. Pressing the lower button triggers randomly colored fast-blinking lights. These interactions represent frustration, calmness, and excitement, respectively. However, interpretations of interactions are up to Bloomie users.

bloomie in context.jpg